So this is me to the left here! I’m a huge gear head but I really like to keep things simple when it comes to shooting. It’s about getting to know you and capturing your true spirit. I studied film and photography at the University of Texas at Austin concentrating on documentary storytelling and studio art photography. This brought me to my style today – documenting events, people interacting and families coming together while combining a fine art twist.

I love capturing people in real time. I see light, shadows, reflections, attitudes, connections and love. Sometimes my favorite part of a scene is just a simple shy smile or the way the light passes through a window or a leaf to give the eyes that sparkle of life. I am a dreamer, a visual artist and admirer of light. I find adventure where ever I go and love to meet everyone along the way.

I live in Houston, TX but am game to travel – no destination too far.

Photo Credit : Khanh Nguyen